Porcelain is always the best

Porcelain is always the best

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Porcelain is always the best

Porcelain is always the best

Water and heat resistance:-

Both ceramic and porcelain have very good resistance to heat and water. Porcelain has better resistance and lower water absorption than ceramic flooring, which makes it possible to use it outdoors in areas with moderate climates. It is the best option to use when installing a wet room and bathroom due to the humidity levels. ..

As for ceramic, if it contains a layer of glaze, it is characterized by high water resistance. Majorca ceramic is characterized by a high layer of glaze to give it more shine and resistance. It is distinguished by its design and essence. It is known that what distinguishes Mallorca ceramic is that ceramic contains a high layer of glaze, which makes its surface shiny like a mirror and makes it more resistant. For water and heat..

  Ceramic is ideal for use in the rest of the home, especially with the wide range of designs available from Majorca Ceramics, including some anti-slip properties.

الافضل دائما هو البورسلين

Care and cleaning:-

Ceramic and porcelain have the same care and cleaning needs. Porcelain is cleaned by wet wiping with a mild solution of water and detergent, and any deposits filling the joints must be closed periodically to protect against stains and mildew.

As for ceramic, it has the same needs for routine care, cleaning and disinfection, as well as sealing any joints or joints, as porcelain.

الافضل دائما هو البورسلين

Life span of ceramic and porcelain:-

Both ceramic and porcelain are very durable building materials, provided they are well cared for. Homeowners will not find much difference between porcelain and ceramic in terms of lifespan and if maintained properly.

الافضل دائما هو البورسلين

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Places of using ceramic and porcelain:-

Porcelain is used for floors and walls, depending on size and weight, and for very high humidity areas such as bathrooms and areas with high traffic outside.

As for ceramics, it is used for walls and floors, for interior designs of homes, and for interior walls of commercial places and those with low traffic.

At the end of the article, it will become clear that the main difference between ceramic and porcelain is the method of making each of them and the rate of water absorption, which makes the budget and cost of porcelain higher than ceramic. Therefore, if your budget for renovating or finishing your home or project is high, you can use porcelain. It is also a great option for reception and reception, and if your budget is Specifically, you can use ceramic with its different and wonderful designs, decorations, and sizes, and it is the best option for walls.


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